BASICS IN Mathematics

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Building a solid house always starts with good foundations!
It’s the same in maths.

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All students in difficulty have one thing in common: a lack of solid foundations.
Learning maths is a series of interlocking lessons. One misunderstood lesson in this sequence can mark the beginning of a failure…
A middle school student generally doesn’t realize the importance of the knowledge they acquire for future studies.
It is in high school that they become aware of this crucial aspect.
If a student has worked hard and mastered the middle school curriculum by the time they reach high school, everything looks promising for them. Conversely, arriving at high school with gaps in their knowledge makes further studies more challenging.
What can you do in these conditions?

Either he decides not to change anything, and the years at lycée are likely to be very difficult for him. Or he decides to get down to work. But how?
How can we make up for lost time and avoid widening the gap even further, as high school courses continue …
Ideally, you’d like to start all over again, but there’s not enough time.
So how do you quickly acquire these famous basics?
In my 30 years of experience teaching in high schools, colleges and training centers, I’ve seen that the vast majority of students only understand a lesson when you move on to examples and exercises.
I have therefore decided to write this book using examples rather than theory. I’ve also tried to be succinct and to the point. The aim is to get you up to speed quickly.
It would be a good idea to take a sheet of paper and a pen with you to go over the examples, because there’s no secret about it, maths can also be learned by writing.

For those who have once said :

  • I am bad at it,
  • I have too many difficulties,
  • I don’t understand anything and never will,
  • I would like to learn, but I don’t know where to start,
  • Math bores me,
  • The teacher goes too fast,
  • I don’t dare to raise my hand; I’m afraid of being mocked,
  • And above all, I lack the fundamentals.

Why would I consult this book ?

  • To quickly learn the fundamentals of mathematics,
  • To review before moving to a higher class or before taking an exam or competition,
  • To educate myself in mathematics and help my child (to save on expensive support classes),
  • To serve as a reminder when I have forgotten a method.


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